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We guarantee the best quality Halo, Hair Toppers, Clip-Ins, Ponytails at affordable prices. Experience the best service when finding your perfect match with our friendly and professional stylists. 

Double Drawn 100% Human Hair Extensions

for Thicker, Longer Lasting Hairpieces.

Behind the Scenes.

We take pride in creating the perfect hand pulled hair pieces with precision and accuracy just for you. Take a closer look into how our Artisan Hand Crafted Hair Toppers, Halos, Clip Ins and more are made.

Learn How to Style your Mulberry’s

Hair Series: Topper

What is this amazing new Hair Extension everyone is talking about? The Topper!

Achieve volume, prolong root touch ups, and gain confidence wearing the Mulberry 100% Remy Human Hair Topper!

Mulberry Stylist Leanne Helder discusses our FAQ around Toppers!

Hair Series: Halo

What exactly is a Halo?

How does it stay in??

We've heard it all, and our Mulberry Stylist Leanne Helder is here to answer all your FAQ regarding Halo Hair Extensions!

Hair Series: Clip Ins

Mulberry Stylist Leanne Helder discusses one of the most tried and true extensions out there: Clip Ins. Why are these ready-to-wear extensions one of the most popular and reliable extensions? Versatility, easy to install, and customization!