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Premium 100% Human Hair

Mulberry Hair Extensions is a female-founded and run business located in Toronto. We have been proudly
serving the hair community for over a decade! Mulberry’s driving mission is to help you live your best life. Our focus is to make life easier with hair pieces that are fast, easy and safe to apply in the comfort of your own home. We are helping thousands of women look and feel their best because we believe that when you feel confident in yourself, nothing can stop you! 

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Behind the Scenes.

We take pride in creating the perfect hand pulled hair pieces with precision and accuracy just for you. Take a closer look into how our Artisan Hand Crafted Hair Toppers, Halos, Clip Ins and more are made.

Learn How to Style your Mulberry’s

Hair Series: Topper

What is this amazing new Hair Extension everyone is talking about? The Topper!

Achieve volume, prolong root touch ups, and gain confidence wearing the Mulberry 100% Remy Human Hair Topper!

Mulberry Stylist Leanne Helder discusses our FAQ around Toppers!

Hair Series: Halo

What exactly is a Halo?

How does it stay in??

We've heard it all, and our Mulberry Stylist Leanne Helder is here to answer all your FAQ regarding Halo Hair Extensions!

Hair Series: Clip Ins

Mulberry Stylist Leanne Helder discusses one of the most tried and true extensions out there: Clip Ins. Why are these ready-to-wear extensions one of the most popular and reliable extensions? Versatility, easy to install, and customization!