Mulberry Halo Hair Extensions Blonde 20" Colour Swatch
Mulberry Halo Hair Extensions Blonde 20" Front
Mulberry Halo Hair Extensions Blonde 20"

Hillary Deluxe Halo

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The Mulberry Halo Hair Extension is a one-piece hair extension thatξis placed around theξcircumference of your head and will sit securely (unless you're inverted!)

The hair extension is placed like a tiara on your head and half of the hair on top of you head covers the roots of the extension.ξ

It does this without the use of clips and without the use of adhesives such as glue or tape. Because it is supported by a thin plastic wire that sits on your head, halo hair extensions are truly the healthiest, most comfortable, and easiest way to longer and fuller hair.ξ ξ

The Deluxe Halo (220 grams)
Look and feel your best in stunning Golden Blonde. Add medium - maximum thickness and instantly reinvent your style with your Deluxe Halo by Mulberry Hair Extensions.ξDeluxe Halos arrive in large loose curls to add glamour and instant sophistication to your appearance.

Perfect Match to Your Hair Color Every Time
Our stylists recommend matching the color on the ends of your own hair to the halo hair extension. The ends of your hair is often lighter than your roots and therefore this is what you see most of when you blendξthe halo hair extension with your hair.

Length:ŒæLength chart available below.ŒæAll Mulberry Halos come in 14äó�, 16äó�, 18äó�, 22äó�.Œæ


Deciding between Classic Halo vs. Deluxe Halo
Deciding between halo typesξis about choosing the right thickness of the hair extension for you. In addition to your preference on style (Classic Halo or a fuller look with Deluxe Halo), we recommend matching the thickness of the ends of your own hair to the extensions. If you have fine to medium thickness than the Classic Halo is perfect for you. If you have medium to thick hair than the Deluxe is the way to go. If you're looking for that extra thickness and fullness and you have fine to medium thickness the Deluxe halo will blend seamlessly too.


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