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We’re going to walk you through the simplest ways to ensure you get your perfect colour and length on the first try. 

Colour Matching Clip Ins, Halos, Tape, and Fusion 

  1. Match the ends of your hair, not the top

This is the first thing we tell our clients. 99% of people that have more than two tones in their hair are darker at the roots and lighter on the bottom. It is rare to find someone with dark on the bottom and light on top. Clip Ins, Halos, Tape, and Fusion are all worn under your hair, so the bottom is the colour you will see. 

2. It’s always better to go lighter than darker for your colour. 

If you are between two different colours, it's better to go with the lighter colour option. Firstly, lighter on the bottom will always look more natural than dark. Secondly, lighter extensions can always be toned or dyed to match your hair, where darker extensions cannot be lightened. So if you’re on the fence between two colours, it’s usually better to get the lighter one. 

 3. Determine if your hair is ashy or warm.

The tone of your hair is very important when determining the correct colour. Ash tones are cool, and warm tones are yellow. Colours with orange or caramel highlights are warm, whereas colours with a "blue" or "grey" tone are ashy. If you purple shampoo or tone your hair, you are most likely ashy. 

Follow our handy guide here to determine if you are ashy or warm.

Warm or Cool Infographic

Once you know if your hair is ashy or warm, you will be able to determine which extension is best for you. All Mulberry Extensions are categorized as "Warm" "Cool" or "Neutral" <-- a mix of both. 

4. It’s better to go with a warm extension than an ashy one if you are unsure.

If you are not quite ashy or warm, the best bet is to purchase a warm extension. All Mulberry Extensions are 100% Human Remy Hair, so they can be toned to be more ashy if the extension is too yellow. Ashy Extensions however cannot be warmed up. Therefore if you are unsure, go with a warm tone. 

Choosing your length

When choosing your length it is best to get longer if you are unsure. Longer extensions can always be trimmed. It is also better to order longer hair as it will give you the freedom to grow your hair to the length of the extensions. 

Mulberry Length Guide

Be sure to check out our videos on how to match your hair to your extensions!