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    You’ve done it. They've popped the question, you’ve got a glittering new ring to flash at anyone and everyone for the next year, and you’ve started booking venue tours. With the 95% focus of the Wedding on the Bride, you’re realizing your Wedding Hairstyle is very. very. important. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bride’s for more than six years, and I’ve learned a few key things which I want to share to make your process stress-free. 

  • Book a Trial.
  • Book a Professional.
  • Start finding inspirational photos.
  • How long does a Trial take?
  • What should I bring to the trial?
  • Manage your expectations.
  • If your Stylist asks you questions, it doesn't mean their an amateur.
  • When should I book it?
  • Final suggestions.

    Book a Trial.   

    Putting faith in people is nice, but trusting a Stylist to nail your Wedding Hairstyle first try in under the 45 minutes you’ve allotted them on the morning of your Wedding? Slim, no matter how experienced they are. 

    Trials benefit you more than the Stylist. You have met and built rapport with your Stylist, they fully understand your vision, and can execute your style much more quickly on the Wedding Day. This means you can sleep a little longer, have a few more intimate minutes with your Bridal Party, and not stress about a thing. Time and time again i’ve witnessed the clear difference between a Bride’s stress level for those that booked a trial, and those who didn’t. While doing Makeup Artistry I never saw a Bride cry over her hairstyle on the Wedding Day if she had booked a trial; things moved flawlessly with both teams working side by side. But for the Bride’s that didn’t book a trial? Waterworks, many times. In fact, ByCalin.com surveyed Brides after their nuptials, and found not having a Hair & Makeup Trial ranked one of the top regrets of their special day. 


    Book a Professional. 

    Self explanatory? Not in my experience. Brides feel the pressure of pleasing every relative and friend that pops out of the woodwork during wedding planning. While working as a Makeup Artist I've seen Brides break down crying and sob into their morning mimosa because their hairstyle resembles more “Curly Sue” than “Soft, boho waves”. This happens when either A) You didn’t book a Trial. B) You hired someone who wasn’t a professional Hairstylist. We know Weddings are expensive, but the extra $75 the 15 year Wedding Hairstylist veteran charges? Worth every penny. 

    In the Greater Toronto Area and on the hunt for a professional Hairstylist? Check one of our local Stylists slaying the hair game.



    Start finding inspirational pictures.

    There are a plethora of great resources out there for Wedding styles, Pinterest & Instagram will be your best bet. Your Stylist may request to see these photos in advance to the appointment to make sure they have all the hair accessories and products needed. They will also advise based on the photos if you will need hair extensions. 


    How long does the Trial take?

    Depending on what your Stylist includes as part of their service, it should usually take an hour and a half to three hours maximum. Ask your Stylist when you book how many styles you can try. We would generally cover up to three Styles, and then charge for the additional time if they wanted more looks. If you are booked for more than three hours I suggest bringing a snack, many salons won’t have food for you, and the last thing anyone wants is a hangry bridal client. 


    What do I bring to my Trial?

    Any lightweight hair accessories you want to incorporate (heavy pieces will give you a headache after 18+ hours), Hair Extensions, the jewellery you plan on wearing, and your inspirational photos. I always suggest bringing a few hair accessories and jewelled hair pins, it happens often when a Bride has her heart set on a pearl encrusted hair pin, only to find out it won’t style well with the sleek updo she’s chosen; now she’s back to square one. Being flexible with the details will ensure a smooth Trial, and your Stylist will love you for it. 



    Manage your expectations.

    We fully understand you want to feel beautiful on your special day, believe me, we want that for you too! However, it isn’t uncommon for a Bride to show a photo of an unachievable hairstyle. For example, Mindy has a jet black lob. She shows a photo of a messy, braided updo on someone with blonde highlighted hair. The issue with blonde hairstyles is it  will always pop more than dark hair; the hair colour has dimension and contrast, meaning you can see all the fine details, and every hair. A braid on blonde hair will show as a braid from the back, but on jet black hair it will look similar to a low ponytail on camera.

    A great Stylist will go through your inspirational photos with you, and ask you which elements you like in each picture. Is it the volume? The thickness? The sleek styling? We need to determine that what you see is what I see too. 


    If your Stylist asks you questions, it doesn’t mean they're an amateur.

    I witnessed a bridal client snap at my fellow Stylist because she asked her if the level of volume was okay. “You’re supposed to be the expert, you should know how much volume people want!” She said. Fundamentally, I agree with her. We are professionals, we should know the trends to understand if the 70’s volume is in, or sleek is the new thing. We are not however, mind readers. Everyone has a different interpretation of what they find beautiful. I’m a natural volume kinda gal, but my team member Sorina is “the higher the hair, the closer to God” type of person.

    If your Stylist asks you questions it is because they want to understand the Style you want, and make sure you’re happy. I’ve seen new Hairstylist’s too nervous to ask questions, and the result is an hour spent doing a Style the client refuses to pay for! 


    When should I book it?

    The rule of thumb is three months before the Wedding. If you plan on wearing hair extensions, be sure to colour your hair first, and then match hair extensions to that colour. Don’t be the Bride who buys bleach blonde extensions and then her Stylist tells her they won’t be able to reach that colour before the Wedding date. 


    Final Suggestions:

  •     Don’t switch Colourists less than six months before the Wedding, this is not the time to try experimenting with ashy blonde balayage on your naturally black hair. 
  •     Don’t cut your hair less than four months before the Wedding, and by cut we mean “trim”. If you’re thinking of a drastic haircut, give yourself six months to a year to give your hair time to grow in case you’ve got a scissor-happy stylist. 
  •     Finally, ASK YOUR STYLIST. We are experts, yes, but we don’t know everything, especially what you’re thinking. We love feedback, it gives us an opportunity to wow you with our skills. But our killer fishtail braiding skills are wasted if you don’t like fishtail braids. This person is likely going to show up to your house at 5am on a Saturday just to do your hair, they deeply want you to feel beautiful that day, and will do everything in their power to leave you feeling like the best version of yourself.  



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