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How does a Topper work?

A Topper is a ready to wear one piece extension. The Topper is worn on top of your head, and gives volume specifically at the crown. These extensions are ideal for anyone thinning on the top of their head, or anyone craving maximum volume for their already full hair. A big plus for Toppers is you can get away with not touching up your roots as often, because the Topper will cover them!



How long does it take to apply?


Once you’ve put your Topper on 4-5 times you’ll be a pro! After that it usually takes around 15 seconds to apply.


How long does it stay on?


As the Topper is so incredibly easy to remove, there really is no reason to wear them to bed. Just unclip the four grip clips, and slide off!


How can I style my hair with the Topper?


When the Topper is placed properly on your head it blends beautifully! The Mulberry Toppers are designed to be thick from root to tip specifically so they can be styled any way you would like. This means if you want to add face framing layers to match your current hairstyle, you can! If you want to add blunt bangs, you can! 

It’s usually easier to style the Topper while it’s off your head, but some clients prefer to do it while it’s on to blend it more easily. 

How do I take care of my Topper?


For Toppers there are a few important things to remember:

  • Brush them out after washing using a leave in conditioner to ensure no breakage.
  • Use Sulfate, Paraben, and Alcohol free shampoo & conditioner. 
  • Always apply a heat protector before styling.
  • Never flat iron the hair after curling it. Reheating the hair after it has “set” and cooled down is very drying for extensions.
  • Brush after removing from your hair.
  • Store in a box or garment bag. Make sure the container you store them in doesn’t move the hair around or it can tangle. 


Does a Topper damage my own hair?


Not at all! We suggest not clipping the four clips to the same piece of hair every time to reduce the chance of damage. The weight of the topper is mostly distributed on top of your head, so there is very little pressure actually put on your hair by the clips. If the clips ever feel uncomfortable the Topper should be moved until it loosens.

If you’re not sure a Topper is exactly what you’re looking for, check out our Hair Series: Hot Fusion, Cold Fusion, Clip Ins, Tape Ins, and Halos, to find your perfect hair match!



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