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Alright, you’ve got your new hair extensions, you’re rocking them every day with absolute confidence! But now it’s three weeks later and they’re just not feeling like they were when you first got them, what do you do? 

Hair Extension post care doesn’t need to be complicated, all you need to know is the products to use, and the proper techniques for washing and drying. 

How often should I wash them?

Extensions do not produce oil, therefore they do not need to be washed as often as your own hair. Mulberry recommends washing your extensions every 15-20 wears. This can vary depending on how much product you have applied to them. I.e hairspray, dry shampoo etc.

Mulberry doesn’t suggest any oils to be used on the hair, this can cause unnecessary buildup, make the hair look greasy, and weigh the hair down.

Use Conditioner ONLY. 

It’s the most common “What? Really?” reaction we get. “But don’t they get oily?” we often hear. The short answer is no. Hair Extensions are not like the hair on your head, they do not have follicles producing oil, or hair cuticles absorbing products like your own hair does. 

Conditioner actually already has a cleanser in it, it is just in smaller quantities than shampoo. Shampoo is intended to strip your hair of oil, product, and environmental particles. Conditioner is meant to add moisture back into your hair after you’ve washed it. 

It is highly recommended to use a salon quality conditioner on your extensions. Cheaper conditioners generally have a lot of additives and fillers which are not good for your hair long term, and especially your hair extensions.

 All conditioners should be:
  • Sulfate free
  • Paraben free
  • Alcohol free
The only time we suggest using shampoo is if you’ve had the extensions for a few months of constant wear, and you frequently apply products to them. After many times of washing the conditioner may not be able to cut through all that buildup, so a gentle shampoo bath may be needed. Even at this point we recommend a water diluted “shampoo bath” and not applying the shampoo directly onto the extensions, as this will dry them out. 


So now you know the proper product, but how do you actually wash them? 

Washing the hair is extremely simple. 

  1. Wet the hair extension with cold water (or lukewarm, but cold is better).

  2. Take a small palmful of conditioner and apply near the top of the hair.

  3. Be sure not to apply conditioner directly onto the band, as this can be harder to rinse out.

  4. Gently run the conditioner down the extension, do not rub the hair together in a lathering motion, this will damage the hair. 

  5. You can use a wide tooth comb or hair brush to comb the conditioner, this ensures the hair is evenly coated.

  6. We recommend letting the extension sit for at least 5 minutes with the conditioner to ensure maximum moisture.

  7. Rinse with cold water. 

  8. Apply a spray leave-in conditioner (we LOVE Revlon’s All in One Lotus Flower treatment!).

  9. Gently brush through. Start by brushing the ends, then brush the middle, and then finally the top. This prevents breakage.

  10. Hang to dry or place flat on a towel.

Awesome! Now your hair is fresh and clean! We just have a few more tips for making sure they stay soft as long as possible.

  1. Let the extensions dry almost 90% before blowdrying. If the hair is heated up while wet, the hair will become frizzy and dry. It’s just like your own hair, it shouldn’t be blowdried until mostly dry. 

  2.  *IMPORTANT* Always, always, always apply a heat protector before heat styling. Without it the hair will dry out and break more quickly. 

  3. Never flat iron the extensions if you’ve already curled them. The extensions must be wet down until the extensions “reset” to their natural state. If you flat iron the extensions while there are still curls the hair will become very damaged. It would be the same as flat ironing your own hair after curling it. 

  4. Never flat iron or curl the hair while they are wet or damp. The hair must be 100% dry. 

  5. Always spritz the hair with hairspray when curling. Mulberry Extensions hold the curl very well, but using a bit of hairspray will mean the curls lasts as long as possible. Therefore you won’t have to add heat to them as often = longer lasting extensions!

  6. If you love your extensions with a bit of texture, we recommend applying a scrunching mousse after washing. This will give the hair a very soft, natural wave.

And there you have it! All the tools you need to make your Mulberry’s look and feel beautiful! If you have any questions about these steps, or need product recommendations, our Mulberry Stylists love to help! Drop us a comment below, xoxo.

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