Fit Your Mulberry

Mulberry hair extensions

How to fit your Mulberry Halo


Fitting your halo is fast and easy to do yourself.  Read Instructions below; should you require assistance from a stylist we would be happy to schedule a Skype or FaceTime call to show you exactly how.  Alternatively, a fitting tutorial will be posted shortly on our channel to demonstrate how easy it is to do yourself - stay tuned for this!

  • Clip half your hair up
  • Place halo around the circumference of your head, beneath your occipital bone
  • Pull the invisible wire tight
  • Pinch the wire at the base so that you don't loose your fitting
  • Slowly remove your halo while pinching the wire
  • Simply tie 2-3 knots
  • For additional security, a microbead has been provided in your kit.  Take the bead and fish it through the wire
  • Cover the knot with the bead and squeeze tightly to hide the knots
Love your Mulberrys xo!