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How do Clip Ins work?


Clip Ins or “Clips” are pieces of hair with small grip clips attached to the band. Clips are easy enough for anyone to apply on their own, but a Stylist can always put them in for you if you want to incorporate them into a special occasion hairstyle. Every brand offers different weights, lengths, and size of Clip pieces. Most brands offer Clip Ins from 100-220 grams of hair, and from 14”-24” in length. 

You will section your hair starting at the bottom. Make a clean line and clip the rest of the hair up. Take one of the Clip pieces, crack open the clip, place it into your hair next to your scalp, wiggle around the grab some hair, and crack closed. The pieces should always feel snug and secure but never uncomfortable. Repeat these steps working your way up your head, and finish with the side pieces. 

How long does it take to apply?

Clips usually will take 15-30 minutes to install. Your hair must be sectioned from the bottom up, placing the Clips as you go. If your Clip In set has 7 pieces for example, usually there will be 3 larger pieces meant to go at the back of your hair, and 4 small pieces to go at the sides of your hair. The great thing about Clip Ins is the versatility you have with styling. If you want just a slightly fuller look one day you may put just 2 of the Clips in, and if you want mega volume you can put them all in. You can also place each piece exactly where you want for more volume, making it more versatile than a Halo.

How long does it last?

Clips are intended to be removed before sleeping, as they are so simple to take out. Removal takes less than 2 minutes, simply click the clips open, and slide the hair out. 

Clip In Extensions

How can I style my hair with Clips?

Clip Ins are great to customize. You can place the pieces exactly where you want to achieve whatever style you love. You can even achieve a high ponytail!


How do I take care of my Clip Ins?


For Clip Ins there are a few important things to remember:

  • Brush them out after washing using a leave in conditioner to ensure no breakage.
  • Use Sulfate, Paraben, and Alcohol free shampoo & conditioner. 
  • Always apply a heat protector before styling.
  • Never flat iron the hair after curling it. Reheating the hair after it has “set” and cooled down is very drying for extensions.
  • Brush after removing.
  • Store in a box or garment bag. Make sure the container you store them in doesn’t move the hair around or the pieces can tangle. 

Do Clip Ins damage my own hair?

Most clients wearing Clip Ins do not wear them every single day, so they will not cause damage. For those wanting to wear extensions every day a Halo would be recommended, or a semi-permanent option like Fusion or Tape. Clip Ins could cause damage if they are being installed in the same spot every single day, and if the hair is being teased at the root before application. It is very rare to damage your hair with Clip Ins, as it would take months of repeated wear and tear. Overall Clip Ins are an extremely safe option. 


How long will my Clip Ins last?


As Clip Ins can be taken out of your hair every night, they will generally last longer than Fusion or Tape hair. However, how often you wear them, heat styling, frequency of washing, products used, hair brushing, length, colour, and hair texture all make a difference in the lifespan of extensions. 

What makes a difference in the lifespan of extensions:

  • Your hair texture. If you hair is prone to dryness, it can tangle more with extensions. Be sure to apply a salon grade conditioner to your hair, and use a salon grade leave in conditioner to the ends of your hair (not the roots!).
  • Extension texture (curly vs straight). Curly can appear more frizzy after extended use, so they may need to be washed more often and be sure to only use conditioner on Curly Texture Extensions. 
  • The extension colour. As a rule, dark extensions last longer because of minimal processing.
  • How long you wear them.
  • Frequency of heat styling. If you are curling, waving, flat ironing, or blowdrying your hair often, this can decrease lifespan. Be sure to always use a salon quality heat protector before heat styling!
  • Frequency of washing. 
  • Products used on the hair. Always use salon grade products your Stylist recommends. 
  • For more info on how to maintain your extensions, see our Blog Post: How to take care of hair extensions!

If you’re not sure a Clip Ins are exactly what you’re looking for, check out our Hair Series: Hot FusionCold FusionTopperTape Ins, and Halos, to find your perfect hair match!

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