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How does Tape work?

Tape or Tape Ins are 1 inch wide pieces of hair with double sided tape on one side. These semi-permanent extensions must be applied by a licensed Stylist. The stylist will do a thorough consultation with you to determine the best length, thickness, and colour for you. If you want to rock a super full voluminous look, you may need up to 8 packs. A “Full Set” is usually considered 4 packs or 100 grams of hair, Mega Volume sets can be up to 8 packs or 200 grams. 

Your stylist will part your hair in clean, neat sections. They will take a one inch wide piece of your hair, stick a piece of the tape 1-2mm away from your scalp onto your hair. Then they will take the matching other piece and stick it underneath, “sandwiching” your own hair in between. Some Stylists call these “sets” while others call them “sandwiches”, both mean the same thing. 

Tape In Extensions

How long does it take?

This process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the amount of hair installed. 

How long does it last?

The hair bond grows out with your own hair, so if your hair grows 1” in 2 months, the hair bonds will now be 1” further down your hair. Once the Tape starts to become visible from growing out so much it is advised to book a removal. Normally they will stay in for 2-3 months before removal. One of the great things about Tape is the hair can be used up to 3 times if they are high quality extensions and you’re taking excellent care of them. The extensions are removed, and the Stylist will apply new pieces of double sided tape to the bonds. They will then put them back in your hair, once again close to the scalp. 

Removals can take up to 3 hours depending on when you had them applied, how many pieces, and the type of tape used. Every Stylist has a different removal policy, some will do the removal one day, and have you come back the next day giving them time to wash the extensions, reapply the new tape to the hair, and for you to wash your own hair to wash off any tape remover gel. The entire process can take up to 7 hours if done in one day, 1-3 hours for removal, 1 hour for retaping & hair washing, and 1-3 hours for reapplication.

Can I customize a look for my Tape?

Yes! The Stylist can alternate colours to give you a highlighted look. For example they can place a darker colour on top and lighter on the bottom, or do a set in a darker colour and the next in blonde for example. Tape is also great because the pieces can be cut to be smaller, meaning you can put small pieces near the front of your hairline without being visible. 

How can I style my hair with Tape?

Tape is very versatile for styles! You can rock most of your normal styles, even ponytails. The only drawback is making sure you style your hair in a way that you can’t see the bonds, but your Stylist should always be applying them at least one inch away from your hairline to make sure this doesn’t happen. Your Stylist will also ask you where you normally part your hair to make sure no bonds sit too close to the top. 

Tape should always be 100% Human Hair, be absolutely sure to ask your Stylist this. Synthetic hair will not last nearly as long, won’t hold heat styles, and shed much quicker. 

How do I take care of my Tape?


For Tape hair extensions there are a few important things to remember:

  • Brush them out after washing using a leave in conditioner to ensure no breakage.
  • Use Sulfate, Paraben, and Alcohol free shampoo & conditioner. 
  • Always apply a heat protector before styling.
  • Never flat iron the hair after curling it. Reheating the hair after it has “set” and cooled down is very drying for extensions.
  • Brush every morning and night.
  • When possible wear your hair up or in braids at night.

Does Tape damage my own hair?


As with any semi-permanent extensions there are risks involved, but if the extensions are applied properly by a licensed Stylist and maintained well, you will have no damage. Always be sure to follow your Stylist’s home care advice, and get them removed on time. 

Clients love their Tape for the quick and easy application, flexible hairstyle options, and seamless blend. Tape also lays more flat to the scalp than Hot Fusion, this can be a win for those wanting less volume at the sides, but if you love more volume at the sides Hot Fusion may be better for you. 


How long will my Tape hair last?


Tape can be used up to three times, usually 6-8 months. Your Stylist will remove the tape from your hair, and retape the pieces. As long as the hair is still in great shape you can keep repeating the process.

What makes a difference in the lifespan of extensions:

  • Your hair texture. If you hair is prone to dryness, it can tangle more with extensions. Be sure to apply a salon grade conditioner to your hair, and use a salon grade leave in conditioner to the ends of your hair (not the roots!).
  • Extension texture (curly vs straight). Curly can appear more frizzy after extended use, so they may need to be washed more often and be sure to only use conditioner on Curly Texture Extensions. 
  • The extension colour. As a rule, dark extensions last longer because of minimal processing.
  • How long you wear them.
  • Frequency of heat styling. If you are curling, waving, flat ironing, or blowdrying your hair often, this can decrease lifespan. Be sure to always use a salon quality heat protector before heat styling!
  • Frequency of washing. 
  • Products used on the hair. Always use salon grade products your Stylist recommends. 
  • For more info on how to maintain your extensions, see our Blog Post: How to take care of hair extensions!
If you’re not sure Tape Ins is exactly what you’re looking for, check out our Hair Series: Hot FusionCold FusionClip InsTopper, and Halos, to find your perfect hair match!

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