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How does a Halo work?


A Halo is a ready to wear one piece extension. An invisible wire sits 1-2” away from your hairline on the top of your head, and the hair piece wraps underneath your hair at the back. A little hard to envision? Check out our helpful application video here to see the magic!


But..how does it stay in?


The invisible wire at the front takes some of the weight, but your own hair holds the rest. Because the Halo sits under your hair, that hair underneath creates a “cushion” for the halo band to rest on. Every Mulberry Halo comes with two silicone grip clips on the band just in case you want extra security, but most of our clients find they don’t need to clip them in for everyday wear. 

The Halo is also designed to be fit to your head, meaning you’ll have a custom fit that you find the most comfortable!


How long does it take to apply?


Once you’ve put them in 4-5 times you’ll be a pro! After that it usually takes around 30 seconds to apply.


How long does it stay in my hair?


As the Halo is so incredibly easy to remove, there really is no reason to wear them to bed. Just lift the Halo out from the band at the back (never pull from the front wire!) and slide them out. We even have a few clients that flip their head upside down and slide it out, whichever you prefer! To take them out it takes about 5 seconds.


How can I style my hair with the Halo?


Your Halo can be waved, blowdried, and flat ironed the same way as your own hair! The only limit with a Halo is being put into a high ponytail. Low Pony’s are totally doable. Popular styles are half up half down, and wearing all your hair to one side. 

Psst fun halo hack! When wearing all your hair to one side, slide the halo band higher on the side with all your hair. This will move the bulk of your hair to that side, and keep the halo band completely hidden on the other side. 


How do I take care of my Halo?


For Halos there are a few important things to remember:

  • Brush them out after washing using a leave in conditioner to ensure no breakage.
  • Never apply any type of hair oil to Mulberry Extensions. As they are 100% Remy Human Hair, the cuticle is not open to absorb oil. This means oil will make them damp, more prone to breakage, and shed much more quickly.
  • Use Sulfate, Paraben, and Alcohol free shampoo & conditioner. 
  • Always apply a heat protector before styling.
  • Never flat iron the hair after curling it. Reheating the hair after it has “set” and cooled down is very drying for extensions.
  • Brush after removing from your hair.
  • Store in a box or garment bag. Make sure the container you store them in doesn’t move the hair around or it can tangle. 

Does a Halo damage my own hair?


Not at all! One of the greatest benefits of a Halo is it’s a zero damage hair extension! As there is no glue or tape, and it is removed before sleeping, the Halo is the safest option. 


How long will a Halo Extension last?


As Halo's can be taken out of your hair every night, they will generally last longer than Fusion or Tape hair. However, how often you wear them, heat styling, frequency of washing, products used, hair brushing, length, colour, and hair texture all make a difference in the lifespan of extensions. 

What makes a difference in the lifespan of extensions:

  • Your hair texture. If you hair is prone to dryness, it can tangle more with extensions. Be sure to apply a salon grade conditioner to your hair, and use a salon grade leave in conditioner before wearing Halo or Clip Ins. 
  • Extension texture (curly vs straight). Curly can appear more frizzy after extended use, so they may need to be washed more often and be sure to only use conditioner on Curly Texture Extensions. 
  • The extension colour. As a rule, dark extensions last longer because of minimal processing.
  • How often you wear them.
  • Frequency of heat styling. If you are curling, waving, flat ironing, or blowdrying your hair often, this can decrease lifespan. Be sure to always use a salon quality heat protector before heat styling!
  • Frequency of washing. Be sure not to use shampoo on Mulberry Extensions, conditioner works amazing! We suggest washing with cold water and conditioner every 15-20 wears. If you are applying hairspray or any type of hair product to the extensions you may have to wash them more often.
  • For more info on how to maintain your extensions, see our Blog Post: How to take care of hair extensions!


How do I know which Halo is right for me?

Be sure to check out our “Help me Choose” page!

If you’re not sure a Halo is exactly what you’re looking for, check out our Hair Series: Hot FusionCold FusionClip InsTopper, and Tape Ins to find your perfect hair match! 

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